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David Airey

I love the location of Bangor, Richard. So many great walks nearby.

The first time I moved away from the coast was during a short stint in the States for an internship. One of my most vivid memories was thinking I'd prefer to live near the sea.

It was strange feeling at the time, and it's funny how our minds are influenced like that.


Hello. You write beautifully. And I love 'Plot watch' (fellow chicken caretaker). Thanks for great viewing, great reading and delicious typography. Your post reminded me of an enormous job I worked on with a public art company in Brisbane, Australia, just over a year ago. Here's a link to some photos http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=54699&id=679366213&l=96dde8e949 The company was UAP. http://www.uap.com.au


Hi David, Bangor for us is a short train journey for chips on the sea front and giant swans in Picky Park. That other park is great two (can't remember it's name), the one with all the birds and that great new library building.

Hi Zoe, thanks for those kind words and especially Plot Watch support - I'm never quite sure who's interested in Plot Watch but I'm compelled to do it. The UAP work looks fantastic. Thanks for the links.

David Airey

No visit to Bangor is complete without a trip to Picky, and the other park you mention is Ward Park (such an improved Library, I agree).

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