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Totally agree. Odd really to print the eyecatching, fun-looking designs on a knife - I'm sure the kids will love it.

When I was a scout (back in't day), the red Swiss Army knives looked 'proper' because they were red and had the Victorinox symbol on the side - and that basically meant that the knife would last longer and you could open and close it as much as you wanted without it all going slack and opening up by itself while in your pocket; you also knew what it was at a glance. Point being, the colour was both differentiator and identifier - why would you 'design' that out of a product?

What you've highlighted is a lack of design thought. Some things were right first time around and benefit from actual design decisions to keep the product relevant (such as putting a mini-flashlight in there).

Another chicken-free, thought-provoking article. Cheers!


Fellow SITM here--

Just goes to show the impact and importance of branding. They may be cool, cute and/or funky, but they're not Swiss Army knives in my book, either.


I agree as well. To me this is not really design, it's just some tack wrapping paper on what used to be a lovely, unmatchable, highly functional object.


Same as green tomatoketchup


It's the trend with every brand these days though isn't it - it's not about the design it's about the marketing - 'trendy' graphic design wallpaper these days is more than anything now a marker of being down with the kids or rejuvenating a brand.

Be more interesting to see odd custom knives and bits on the product itself. M&Co vibe.

Cathe Holden

Going the way of Converse, I agree, bad idea.

GREAT blog, btw!

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