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Reminds me of the illustrations for the new pepsi logo: http://gawker.com/5150582/breathtaking-document-reveals-pepsis-logo-is-pinnacle-of-entire-universe


Oh...nice. Is there anything in the way of an author/editor, or publisher? I would love to try to track down a copy of it.



The book's by George P Kellaway, published by Methuen & Co Ltd. My edition is from 62 but it was first published in 1946. It's not all diagrams, lots of technical stuff.


Thanks, Richard.

Courtesy of a uni professor who is obsessed with maps, I've contracted a touch of map flu. Similar to swine flu, but less nausea and more visualizations.

Héctor Flores

Indeed, they are beautiful. I'm working in some subway map proposals for my hometown, Mexico City, so any suggestions will be welcomed.

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