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just sipping on a double/triple espresso from my gaggia -- in a handleless cup/boule from kahla: http://images.google.de/images?q=kahla%20milchkaffeeschale

actually IKEA is known for avoiding taxes the best it can, while pretending to be the nice scandinavian store...


i really enjoy your blog, best greetings from hamburg/germany,



What a lovely evocation! I usually don't use the handle of my favourite cup exactly for the same reason :)


Ah yes, the handleless mug (cup? beaker?) should never be underestimated.


Hi everyone. Thanks for visiting and commenting. Great to know there's people out there.

Shabbir Hussain

Ah!!! Now should I use this to shut my tea-obsessed, coffee hating racist cousins. :)


You have become my new hero. Many years ago (in the days before I'd heard of IKEA) I was in Stockholm for a training course, and the company served their coffee in those exact mugs. I fell in love with them and have been looking in vain for them ever since.

Today my search has ended. Although I need to organise a trip to IKEA now.


The process of using my Bialetti Moka Express coffee maker is part of the escape that black with one gives me too. Streets ahead of pressing one button and a wurr of liquid is made.

Off to have a late AM hit.


Coffee making rituals are fantastic. Always enjoy Haruki Murakami's way of making mundane things seem magic, like making coffee in his novels.


I agree on both. Coffee as a ritual and the cup, much more intimate!
Here's a print i'm just about to finish:


Couldn't agree more with the enjoyment of the ritual that is the coffee making process, especially with the Bialetti Moka.

I'd agree that Ikea is ethical, but I'd go a step further and say that even an ethical large company could not be as virtuous as a small/locally owned shop/producer.

While in Alaska, I came across these mugs (which incidentally are made in Oregon). Normally a lover of the clean aesthetics of Ikea, I'm more of a sucker for function (as they say, form follows function). Hence my infatuation with the mug. With no handle (persay), they abide by the same idea that when able to handle, able to drink. But for transferring from stove to studio, there is a small lip to grab onto. Each is handmade, and therefore slightly different, just adding to the beautiful genius.



Mmm, black coffee, nice mugs. It's a graphic designer thing. I've just printed this:


Your cup may be elegant, but to me it would be impractical. You see, I usually make my morning coffee in the kitchen and carry it through to the dining table next door. A handle allows me to carry my cup without burning my hands.

That said, I do agree with you about enjoying the feel of a warm cup on a cold winter's day, but this can easily be achieved by holding one's cup with the handle facing outwards. I'm a handles man. Can you tell?

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