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I received a similar printed letter, with different handwriting, from my local Lib Dem candidate. It's a nice touch.


This is great, thanks. It's nice to see such a lovely old skool DM piece. As you say, it's a real attempt at personal communication. The address is a fab touch. I don't know about you, but I think that handwritten letters are due a renaissance. . .


Hi Rich/Johnny,

It is old skool isn't it Johnny? It reminds me of the days I'd spend making charity mailings look like they were thrown together in a back office. It's really low-key but I got so over-enthusiastic about it I rang the campaign office and gushed about it over the phone. Long is a pretty good candidate, which helps. The text is heart-felt and frank. Perhaps it's not a ground-breaking idea but it works for me, even though I see right through it. Mostly though, it's way better than the rest.

Ian Devlin

At the very least it shows that they made an effort to communicate on a personal level with their voters rather than go with the flow and do what everyone else was doing.

Here in Cambridge it was interesting to note that the Green Party's flyers were the most glossy and colourful. Ironic.

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