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Wow! Amazing! (can’t find much more to write but it’s from the heart)


Those cover books are awesome!
I'm in love with the work of David Pearson!


Lovely post, thanks. Excellent shopping there. "To the Holy Shrines" is great fun. Thesiger's cool too, and owes a lot to T.E. Lawrence's "Seven Pillars" (also well worth a read). Just looking at these editions gives me itchy feet. . .


gah! the whole series for £5?! bloody bargain. the use of colour is particularly good


Great post,I love it!

Mandeep Khunkhuna

The cover designs for these books are great. I really like the way the David Pearson has chosen to use one colour theme for each book, but kept to the same design style so that you can tell that they belong together in a series. All the books retain the same style by keeping to the same colours scheme, mirroring the image on each cover and having the text align down the middle. I think this is a great example of how you can create individual designs but have them all relate to each other.


Sigh. I must admit I am envious. I have maybe 5 of them. Every time I make an amazon purchase I try to throw one or two in with it.

Mark W

Oh wow... congrats on the find!


Re: [Ace Jet 170] Mark W submitted a comment to Great Journeys

Im away now until Tuesday 25th May. If you require more urgent attention, please speak to Debbie on 9022 8080. If you dont require more urgent attention, Ill get back to you when I get back in.

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