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Ákos Polgárdi

I'm not sure the Austrians or the Czech would be fond of your lists.
Lovely typefaces, by the way: especially the one used on the postbox and the sign for the labour consultant.


And I tried so hard not to offend.


this post make me smile: not only because sometimes you have to look far to see what is close to you (i'm italian), but also because I'm typographically addicted :)

If you like look this link: there are some pictures I took in my town: Turin, northern Italy.



Oh! I forgot to ask you.. do you know Bruno Munari? If you don't you have to. Expecially his children's books and books cover




Hi Luisella, I have seen some of his books but must give them more attention. I read his book, Design as Art, recently. It was superb. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

Account Deleted

We were in Garfagnana, Tuscany last year and absolutely fell in love with the place. I can see why you would be inclined to wax lyrical about Italy, it's an amazing place. Oh, the fiat 500's.


Lovely post.

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