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They ruined so many nice old pubs with that corporate look, then of course they went and made them look 'old' again but this time it was fake.

Adam Williams

I popped along to see this yesterday at the IPS in Bournville. I wish there was some accompanying information as it really was just a collection of artefacts. I'd have loved to see more of the brand guidelines for BR, ICI and London Overground.

Oddly, I was particularly drawn to the receipt from the Flying Scotsman's catering car. You rarely see such thought and clear presentation in a receipt. Just goes to show how much the DRU obsessed over the details.

A few of my snaps 'ere: http://sleepymeuk.tumblr.com/#3125862674

Tolu Solanke

Very evocative review. Sadly, I missed the exhibition, but having secured a copy of curator Michelle Cotton's excellent book written to compliment the show, I agree with much of what Cullen has to say.

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