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Ah, I was having that problem as well. It's because you'll be tweeting your feed through TypePad and FeedBurner - so you need to turn one of them off. See my post http://www.davidthedesigner.com/davidthedesigner/2011/09/cheap-at-half-the-tweets.html


yes, but not all of them:

“a) Eat. b) Don't Eat. (Delete as appropriate)“ from 18th october came twice.



Yes, got all your posts double for a week or 2 now?

Matt Wondra

Yep, I'm seeing double too, though they come in at different times. This article came in twice about an hour apart, "The Berlin Trawl" was 2 minutes apart. Hope this is helpful


Yes, my Google Reader seems to be enjoying double helpings of Ace Jet goodness.

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