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Rick Monro

I actually love this kind of stuff Richard. I do a fair amount of business reading, and even went back to Uni a few years ago to study Business and Management!

There's a lot of good stuff has been written about business by Jo Owen, Drucker, Covey and more. It's the gritty, grounded stuff I enjoy - as opposed to the high-fiving, stomp-all-ove-your-peers, 'motivational' nonsense that seems to be everywhere. I believe Chris Murphy commends Drucker to his students, as well as imparting some nuggets of business insight that you allude to here.

May well pick this up. Presumably it's another in the series that yielded '...Architecture School' that we covered at bookclub?


Yes, that's how I stumbles across it Rick.

I know it's a total lazy boy's cheat but I also think there's some really useful stuff in there. Useful for the reason I talk about (empathy) but also useful if you were in business yourself.


The Architecture School and Film School editions are also rather brilliant. And they look nice too.


Yes D, have the Architecture one (and have featured it on Ace Jet…ehum…if you'd been paying attention). I think you, in particular (because you're now a man of business) might find this one interesting.

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