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Andrew Ley

Thanks for the lead-type fix. I'm absolutely fascinated by the stuff; even though I've never had a chance to play with it.

It would be great to see a press in an environment like this actually working. I'm sure people would love the chance to press their own memento of their visit...

...I know this type geek would anyway.

Mitchell Eismont

Love letterpress. I have a little 3x5 kelsey, wish I had enough money and space for a bigger press and some more lead type. I find that as a graphic designer I stare at the computer all day. It is relaxing to get back to this old archaic art form.


Hi Mitchell,

I can completely relate to that. I've a sad Adana in our garage along with strays of type, covered in dust. Waiting for we to save them from their fate. One day I will.

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