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I'm going have to see if I can find one of these in Toronto! They look awesome.


When ordering a number of these last Christmas as presents I accidentally ordered a Silver 5.6mm beast for myself – and I can confirm here and now – it is indeed a beast. Treat yourself immediately but be prepared to wear a wrist support when using it.

Neil Braidwood

I used to love my Rotring propelling pencil, but I'd forgotten about the clutch variety. Need to investigate. Thanks for the reminder!


Great pencils, I've been using one for a while now. I got a couple on a trip to New York from Project No.8, paired with the Bic Clic Retro to round out the arsenal.

Andrew Ley

Richard, you utter genius!

I've always been a lover of the pencil. I used to carry a mechanical pencil with me; but found it impossible to prevent my devonian gert itchin' teddy-picker farmer's hands from snapping a 0.5mm lead at every single opportunity.

Instead I had to resort to carrying a common-or-garden stubby pencil in my pocket, having to settle on a less-than-satisfactory 2H to overcome the need to always carry a sharpener.

After reading this post I went straight to Herb Lester and ordered myself a Fürst. It's perfect. The always-available lead of a mechanical, with the ham-fistedness resistance of a normal pencil.

Once again; you, sir, are a genius!


Bah, I am merely a conduit. The real genius is to be found in the offices of Mr Lester. Enjoy your clutter Andrew.

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