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It feels weird to comment on a blog post. Something I have not had the pleasure of doing so in quite some time.

Closing this post with "Report ends" is a near perfect closer for the subject matter.

Bored of my usual (tired and obvious) list of places to look online, I thought I'd come back here expecting a graveyard as is the rest of the old good parts of the web. But no! It's alive again, and what's more you're posting once a week or so. Good work! I hope the charms of posting is a tenth as fun as it used to be. Your use of language in this context is still as enjoyable to read as ever.

Richard Weston

Hi Daniel,

It's a weird receiving a comment as it is making one. I started blogging for my own benefit and that's why I've returned to it. Maybe in a reaction to the highly transient nature of the social medias. I don't think many people are listening but that's OK.

Delighted to hear from yourself though. Hope you're well and are enjoying life, in whatever form that takes.

Stay tuned :-)



I had to come back here to read the comment. To even know if there was going to be a reply. So very quaint.
I also had an itch to start blogging again somewhat recently, but children and other things got in the way. Good to know someone has the time.


It's no way to talk is it? I actually sent a reply to the email address linked to your comment. Did you not get that? If you didn't, you would have got the next one I sent. Which asked how old your children are. Ours are 13 and 15 now. So we're finding we have more and more time back for ourselves. Hence, my return.

C. Long

I'm way late here, since I just now found this post, but ... here goes:

Trackball (Logitech) saved my nearly 30-year career. I literally cannot use a mouse without major pain. I trashed both my arms by using a mouse, and they still hurt 30 years later.

The last 6 or 8 years I used both a trackpad and a trackball -- R and L, respectively. Don't underestimate the value of a LOCK function on a trackball! Click on something, LOCK, then take your time moving it around without having to hold down a button of some sort. THEN, release.

Try different options. They're not wildly expensive, and if you have years/decades in front of you, they're a no-brainer.

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